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Creating Videos the Easy Way

This video doodle app is the easiest, simplest and most realistic doodle video creator to hit the market.

Doodly is the newest, hottest video creator app to hit the market:

  • An easy to user interface that’s newbie and tech-friendly
  • Drag and drop/Push Button ease!
  • Includes EVERYTHING you need to get started and create your first video today
  • Create White board AND Blackboard videos!
  • Includes a strong variety of done for you images
  • Allows custom image upload with custom draw paths
  • Allows you to create UNLIMITED number of videos
  • Available for both PC and Mac (desktop software)
  • And so much more..

Need to see more proof?

Enjoy the video.

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Click here to watch the entire series:

The video series, 1000 Resumes – One Job offers you powerful insights how hiring managers think from the very beginning all the way throughout the interview process, checking references and the job offer. You will learn how to take a personal inventory of your skills and present them in a way employers will understand the value you bring to their company.

You will learn the three important components to impress hiring managers. You’ll learn how to set SMART goals, organize your social networking skills and understand how your e-mail address can keep you from getting hired.

You’ll learn how to set strategies and ways to demonstrate and convey your transferable skills proving you are an important asset to the company.

1000 Resumes, One Job covers the tactical approach of the job search including assembling your resume, creating prospectus letters, cover letters, responding to internet ads, script writing and cold calling, telephone and interview tips, preparing yourself for the interview including how to explain gaps in your career. Also included is an extensive list of frequently asked questions and how to respond to them.

You will learn how to get interviewed and hired even without a job opening.

Whether you are looking for entry level or senior management positions, this video series contains the strategies to help you land the job.

Document Repository (you will want to download these documents as a resource)
Smart Goals
Sample Resume
Assembling your Resume
Action Words

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Dynamic QR Codes with MMiScan

The usual way to create a QR code is to enter a URL into QR-code software. This URL is embedded in the QR code. Then, you print the QR code on your brochures, packaging materials, labels, etc. This QR Code always stays the same until you run out of your printed materials.

The MMiScan way…
MMiScan allows you to update your destination URL at any time. You can print the QR Code on your brochures, business cards, websites, packaging materials, and, if your promotion or marketing needs change, you simply come to, log into your account and change the URL. Now, you have a fresh destination for your customers or prospects to visit.

This allows for contests, new content, move the destination from Facebook to Twitter to Linkedin, to a sign-up page…anywhere you want, and, completely on the fly. An MMiScan QR code can be used over and over again allowing you to have fresh content as often as you want.