More Miscellaneous Stock Photos

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Stock Images For You To Use In Your Projects And Your Clients Projects. Plus You Can Resell Them!

You can see photos or images all around you. Isn’t it nice to see beautiful photos? The fact is that images are one of the best ways to share information both online and offline. Whether in an abstract way or in a bold way.

The thing is images really are very effective in doing both offline and online marketing. That’s why internet marketers and graphic designers are doing their best job to attract as many people as they can from their images to make those people become their leads.

Now, you just CAN’T grab images from the internet and use it for your own projects as most of it is copyrighted.

The good news is that inside this product is a bundle of more miscellaneous stock photos which you can use to your own projects as well as resell it to your current audiences.

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Here is a brief description of the photos that are included

  1. Industrial Powerlines against a sky background
  2. Old Time Antique Alarm Clock
  3. Blue Highlighter against a black background
  4. Open Sparse Office Setting with a man working at a desk facing the wall
  5.  Looking down the aisle of a discount or CVS-type store.
  6. Photograph of a European city shot from the street with Bus and Car motion.
  7. Boiler Room – lots of Chrome
  8. Bookshelves – looks to be German Law Books
  9. Red Table with blank sheet of paper and a pen
  10. Calculator, Tablet, and Stylus
  11. Smokestack
  12. Old Handwritten Book
  13. Tractor-style Dirtmover
  14. Closely cropped image of laptop, smartphone, and woman writing in a blank book. (you only see part of the laptop and hands). Background is a wood surface table
  15. Power or Phone Lines with White/Lt. Gray Smoke coming from buildings in the far distance
  16. Foreground: Flowers in a field Background: European style house and hills.
  17. 9 suits and 1 vest hanging by hangers on  a metal rack (Close shot)
  18. Old 18-wheeler (possibly European)
  19. European School or University-type building
  20. Sunset Reflection
  21. Desolate Road with trees and vehicle tracks in Snow. B&W
  22. Coffee shop with long tables, 2 cups of coffee and a smartphone on an old wooden table.
  23. High-rise building (modern design)
  24. An assortment of paint brushes, rulers, pens, notebooks and a cup of coffee. Taken straight down from above.
  25. A staggered stack of Elizabeth II Gold Coins with one resting on top.
  26. A Schooner adjacent to the Statue of Liberty
  27. Mood shot: Bottles of Spirits sitting on the bar counter. Background has blurred out wall of bottle of spirits (Great shot)
  28. New York Street with Cabs driving down the street.
  29. Smart phone with headphones sitting on table
  30. Woman’s hands holding a smartphone in one hand a cup of coffee in the other (She looks like she is navigating the screen with her thumb)
  31. Social Media infographic style picture
  32. Man’s hand holding a credit card
  33. Closeup of an old-style sound board
  34. European street with an old time street lamp in the foreground
  35. Lightning in a purple-ish sky. Silhouettes of trees framing the picture
  36. Tightly cropped shot of 5 drum majors playing drums.
  37. Smartphone sitting on old, worn metal sections with bolts
  38. Old European Red Car Port or Small covered bridge with snow and barren trees.
  39. Internet Section at a Bookstore
  40. Marriage Certificate with a pair of scissors cutting it (and a rose) down the middle
  41.  Universal Studios Globe (on location)
  42. Barren tree frosted with snow with packed snow in the foreground and mountains in the background
  43. Head-on shot of pocket diary style book with pen on top , a smartphone and coffee cup
  44. Set of three tablets with a set of hands holding a smartphone in front. All have blue screens
  45. Close up of person playing piano (hands/arms, keyboard and music book)
  46. Man on the moon with American Flag
  47. Smartphone on picnic Table
  48. Person parachuting (mid air) with a snow-laden mountain in the background